Jeremy Lott Recognized as Number One on the Power 50 from ASI

Every year, the Advertising Specialty Insitute (ASI) releases the Power 50 list – a list of the most powerful executives in the promo industry. Jeremy Lott SanMar President and second-generation leader of the company was named number one on the list. This is the 15th year the list has been released and is “a year unlike any we’ve ever experienced in our business lives,” says the ASI team.

The 2020 list was a unique and special one – while the process used to create the list hasn’t changed, the criteria and definition of “power” have taken on a whole new meaning. The true leaders of 2020 projected calm in the face of crisis, motivated their employees through times of uncertainty and provided strength and safety in the eye of the storm. “Power is always important, but this was the time our industry really needed it. In that light, this year’s members of the Power 50 delivered when it mattered most,” says ASI.

Jeremy Lott is honored by ASI’s recognition. “This has been a tough year,” says Lott. “It was nice to receive some good news. I appreciate the recognition, but I wouldn’t be here without the hard work and sacrifices that my employees made through these difficult times. I accept the honor on their behalf.”

Jeremy Lott Seattle Business Leader Guides SanMar Through the Pandemic

It’s not easy to pivot the operations and mission of a 4,000 person company in the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. But that’s just what Jeremy Lott did. In the face of COVID-19 shutdowns and social distancing regulations, SanMar’s promo business dried up virtually overnight. But instead of closing shop, Lott saw the opportunity to pivot and continue operations without sacrificing the company’s vision as “A Canvas for Good.”

“Do the right thing. It’s right there in our values,” says Jeremy Lott.  “That’s the tenant my father lived and did business by, and now I’m doing my best to do the same.” Lott worked tirelessly to shift the company’s focus from promotional products to the production of personal protective equipment. He won contracts that allowed SanMar to produce over 200 million face masks for the federal government.

Thanks to savvy financial stewardship, SanMar was able to survive the first few months of the pandemic without closing or laying off any of its employees. But there were still sacrifices made. Jeremy Lott stopped taking a salary. Hours and wages were reduced across the board. “That gutted me,” says Lott. “It’s painful – I realize what that means to working families with bills and mortgages.” But they still had their jobs, unlike hundreds of thousands of workers across the country.

In the months following the early days of the pandemic, thanks to the PPE pivot and the return of more traditional promo business, SanMar was able to restore the hours and wages employees previously earned. “Everyone has sacrificed, but we’re getting through this together,” says Lott.

Jeremy Lott Mercer Island resident and leader of successful promo business SanMar is the father of six children and, when he’s not working, he enjoys skiing, boating, hiking – anything that gets him outdoors with his family.

Jeremy Lott on the Future of Working From Home

Jeremy Lott, Seattle president and owner of SanMar, has always expressed pride in how his team members handle challenges. Without a doubt, COVID-19 provides one of SanMar’s biggest challenges ever. Long-term planning has become difficult as companies like SanMar decide how to provide a safe and productive work environment. Jeremy Lott and his team are developing plans to protect both the company and its employees through careful research.

Jeremy Lott Mercer Island Executive on Evolving Remote Viewpoints

Jeremy Lott’s Seattle headquarters has always been ahead of trends in workplace technologies. Long before the pandemic, key workgroups were already working remotely, including critical teams such as the credit and inside sales departments. This fact helped tremendously with the transition to working from home full-time. Team members already felt comfortable with the technologies used to be productive in a virtual environment.

During the summer months, Jeremy Lott supported SanMar’s efforts to ensure all employees who could, were able to work remotely. Several departments within the company implemented new processes to ensure critical tasks get handled promptly. Most specifically, the legal and finance departments worked to transform processes that relied heavily on physical documents, and the marketing team transformed how they proof print catalogs. Jeremy Lott and SanMar integrated new digital tools to navigate these departmental changes. Whether digital workflow and routing tools or relocating key equipment to employee’s homes, the majority of corporate team members have been able to work remotely with success.

What to Expect from Jeremy Lott SanMar

SanMar and Jeremy Lott are consistently revising and reviewing long-term plans. As the country plans to opens back up for business, Jeremy Lott isn’t reverting entirely to the previous workplace model. Instead, departments and team members are evaluating on a team by team basis. There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for every department.

Collecting feedback from staff is part of the planning process for Jeremy Lott. In most cases, team members who historically felt the need for in-person meetings are finding remote collaborations constructive. Many staff members feel productive levels surge since they no longer have to face the busy commute. Home offices can sometimes provide a quiet and distraction-free area to focus, but balancing childcare when schools are remote is another consideration that SanMar is working through with employees.

Jeremy Lott Seattle Company Background

Jeremy Lott has been a key figure in his family-owned and operated Mercer Island business from the very beginning. As the cover star on Sanmar’s first catalog, he has worked for the company in one capacity or another his entire life. Today, the MBA graduate is the president of SanMar and has aimed to expand Sanmar’s industry reach.

Jeremy Lott and SanMar on Changing the Office for a Safe Return to Work

As the country opens back up for business, corporate responsibility has heightened. Jeremy Lott Seattle  and the human resources team at SanMar are taking precautionary steps to ensure worker safety. Although still waiting on phase 3 of Washington state’s reopening, SanMar has been prepping to welcome employees back into a workplace that meets all safety guidelines.

Jeremy Lott SanMar Safety Protocols

Jeremy Lott Mercer Island has been in continuous contact with local, state, and federal health officials during the COVID-19 crisis. SanMar has taken steps to meet all health guidelines recommended by government agencies. Based on these guidelines, SanMar is communicating to employees about exactly how they are preparing office spaces for a return to work. Transparency is an important part of Jeremy Lott Sanmar’s leadership approach and all team members are being kept in the loop about how the company plans to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Jeremy Lott Seattle Office Safe Start Plans

Each state, including Washington, has made recommendations to employers on how to reopen their businesses. Reopening plans have been in the works for some time and Jeremy Lott has proposed ways that employees can return to the office while heeding CDC recommendations. One of the most important steps in SanMar’s return to work plans is collaborating with leadership to determine the business need for working in the office. Some work groups may continue working from home indefinitely while the other groups work most effectively in the office. This flexibility reduces the number of employees in the buildings without reducing efficiency.

Another part of SanMar opening is to brief each employee on what to expect during the phases of reopening. Each employee is a valuable member of the SanMar family. To make everyone feel welcomed, letters are being drafted to let each team member know about how SanMar has responded to the COVID-19 crisis and the company plans for the future. There will also be protocols listed in the welcome back letters.  Each employee will have certain procedures – wearing masks, adhering to distancing and cleaning best practices – that they need to follow as a way to confirm that anyone who works from the company’s corporate office stays protected against the virus.

Jeremy Lott SanMar Background

Jeremy Lott has been an integral part of SanMar from a young age. As a two-year-old, Jeremy appeared on the cover of the family owned and operated company’s very first catalog. Now, president of SanMar, Jeremy continues to lead the growth of the SanMar business.

Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott and SanMar Corp. helping to set the PromoStandards

SanMar, under owner Jeremy Lott, volunteers time and resources to help establish PromoStandards alongside fellow industry partners.


SanMar Corp. is proud to be part of a group of ten founding companies in the promotional products industry who volunteered their time and resources to set up PromoStandards, an easier way for companies to share information about their products. SanMar owner Jeremy Lott, from the Seattle metropolitan area city of Mercer Island, explains more. 


“PromoStandards is a special code that makes the data exchange between multiple suppliers easier, more efficient and more accurate,” explains Jeremy Lott, Seattle area promotional products business SanMar Corp.’s owner. “Think of it as a way for companies to speak a common language,” he adds. 


According to Lott, the collaboration generates an open standard that empowers industry members to improve their customers’ buying experiences. PromoStandards does so, he says, by allowing them to check inventory, search for product data and check product pricing. 


“Industry members’ customers are also able to follow up on order statuses, get shipment notifications and send purchase orders or invoices across many different suppliers’ platforms,” adds Jeremy Lott, Mercer Island resident and owner and president of PromoStandards co-founding and proudly family-owned promotional products firm SanMar Corp.


This new way of making sure everyone is saying the same thing, in the same way, reduces transactional friction and cuts down on order communication issues, according to Lott. Overall, PromoStandards promises, he says, to make for a smoother order completion process for users’ digital or online strategies.


Speaking from his office just outside of Seattle, Jeremy Lott continues, “PromoStandards offers a consistent means by which suppliers, distributors and various service providers within the promotional products industry can quickly and easily share data.”


“The initiative’s standards allow companies to build or code their half of a computerized integration system once and reuse it with multiple partners,” adds Mike Knapick, chief information officer at SanMar Corp., based at the promotional product supplier’s headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, 15 miles east-southeast of Seattle. “This,” he goes on to further explain, “reduces the time and financial investment needed to integrate systems.”


PromoStandards consists of industry merchants and distributors such as Staples Promotional Products, HALO Branded Solutions, Facilisgroup and Bic Graphic. A nonprofit organization, PromoStandards allows developers to use the coding free of charge.


To learn more about PromoStandards, visit To find out more about SanMar Corp., meanwhile, head to

Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott Speaks at Biggest Promotional Products Event in the Industry

President of SanMar Corp. Jeremy Lott joins panel discussion at the biggest, best-attended, and longest-running promotional products event in the business.

President of SanMar Corp., Jeremy Lott this month traveled from his home in Mercer Island, Washington, to Las Vegas, Nevada, to speak on the 2020 Promotional Products Association International Expo’s Corporate Social Responsibility Panel. Here, Lott reveals more about both the panel and the expo as he shares details of the promotional product industry’s biggest, best-attended, and longest-running event.

“The Promotional Products Association International Expo is one event you’ve got to see for yourself,” says Lott. The popular expo promises a combination of the sights, the sounds, the people, and the products required to create an experience like no other, according to Promotional Products Association International.

This year’s Promotional Products Association International Expo was held from Sunday, January 12, to Thursday, January 16, 2020, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Located in the Las Vegas metropolitan area town of Paradise, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center is one of the largest privately owned and operated convention centers in the world, according to its owners.

President of SanMar Corp. Jeremy Lott spoke on the 2020 Promotional Products Association International Expo’s Corporate Social Responsibility Panel on Monday, January 13. For SanMar, Lott said that corporate social responsibility has become a business model, rather than a way of doing business. He explained that having corporate social responsibility-related practices and policies that exist separately from the business model is waning, and that a company’s business model and corporate social responsibility must now be integrated to be successful.


Jeremy Lott

“By definition, corporate social responsibility is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable,” adds Lott, “but for us, it’s also our organizational vision and rallying cry.”

President of the family-owned business, SanMar Corp., Jeremy Lott works in partnership with his father, Marty, and brother, Jordan. Lott was joined on the 2020 Promotional Products Association International Expo’s Corporate Social Responsibility Panel by Paul Bellantone, president and CEO of the association, Danny Rosin, Promotional Products Association International executive board member and co-owner of Brand Fuel, Inc., and Denise Taschereau, CEO and co-founder of Fairware Promotional Products, Ltd.

Seats for the panel were offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and Lott, Bellantone, Rosin, and Taschereau presented to a maximum capacity audience of delighted Promotional Products Association International Expo attendees. “It was truly a pleasure,” adds Lott, wrapping up.

President of the family-owned firm, SanMar Corp., Jeremy Lott learned the business from the inside out, from pulling orders to purchasing. After college and a period studying in Hong Kong, Lott launched his career as an analyst for a leading investment bank’s technology team before moving to Chicago in 2001 to earn his MBA. Lott then joined SanMar full-time, where he continues to steer the company toward long-term growth and health. A father of six, outside of his work at SanMar, Jeremy Lott enjoys spending time with his family, boating, skiing, hiking, and generally staying active.